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Criminal Procedure   Tags: criminal procedure, topical research  

A guide designed for MU Law students on select Law Library resources regarding Criminal Procedures.
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Subject Explanation

Criminal Procedure focuses on issues raised by pretrial law enforcement investigatory practices. The principal topics covered are searches and seizures, entrapment, confessions, identification procedures, and the exclusionary rules. The links below provide a more in depth overview on the Criminal Procedure subject matter as well as Federal, and Missouri Criminal Procedure Statutes.


Criminal Procedure: An Overview

Federal Criminal Procedure Statutes

Missouri Criminal Procedure Statutes (Title XXXVII)

CALI tutorials

Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) has over 850 lessons in its library that can be used as preparation for class or as review for an exam.  This link provides access to topics relevant to Criminal Procedure. 


    Exam Bank

    MU Law School has no prior Criminal Procedure exams available online. However, there are practice exams available in the reserve room for use.  Please stop by the Reserve Room to determine if any are available.  


      Where are these books located?

    MU Law RESERVE materials are located on the 1st floor plaza level in the room behind the circulation desk.

    MU Law REFERENCE materials are located on the 1st floor plaza level of the law library.

    MU Law refers to treatises located on the 3rd floor of the law library.


    Study Aids

    DISCLAIMER:  Please remember that supplemental materials are meant to enhance, not replace, the assigned classroom material. If you have a question whether a particular supplement may be useful as a classroom or exam prep aid then ask your professor for guidance.  And, as always, you can ask a librarian for assistance.

    Cover Art
    Acing Criminal Procedure : A Checklist Approach to Solving Procedural Problems - Leslie W. Abramson
    Call Number: MU Law RESERVE KF9619.85 .A27 2010
    ISBN: 0314208534
    A great checklist presents the series of issues that must be understood in order to identify and resolve the range of legal issues presented in an examination question. This book gives students this resource by providing checklists for all topics generally covered in the basic criminal procedure course.

    Cover Art
    Criminal Procedure : Examples & Explanations - Robert M. Bloom and Mark S. Brodin.
    ISBN: 0735539685
    This source provides an overview of constitutional criminal procedure, and covers: when the Fourth Amendment applies; requirements of the Fourth Amendment; the doctrine of justification; search and arrest warrants; warrantless searches and seizures; the Exclusionary Rule; rationale, operation, and limitations; the voluntariness standard; the Miranda approach; the Sixth Amendment; "right to counsel" approach; investigative procedures; eyewitness identification, bodily intrusions, examination of physical attributes, entrapment, and "high-tech" and computer searches; and September 11, 2001, and its aftermath.

    Cover Art
    Emanuel Crunch Time: Criminal Procedure - Steven L. Emanuel
    Call Number: MU LAW RESERVE KF9619.5 .E44 2009
    ISBN: 0735578913
    CrunchTime offers capsule summaries of major points of criminal procedure and critical issues, exam tips for identifying common traps and pitfalls, sample exam and essay questions with model answers, and recommended approaches for crafting essays. This source also uses flow charts to explain pertinent concepts and capsule summaries to help prepare for exams.

    Cover Art
    Siegel's Criminal Procedure : Essay and Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers - Brian N. Siegel and Lazar Emanuel; Revised by Christian M. Halliburton.
    Call Number: MU Law RESERVE KF9619.5 .S543 2009
    ISBN: 0735579040
    This source works through Criminal Procedure topics in a Q&A format, providing an additional source for self-quizzing. Siegel's contains essay questions with model answers, as well as multiple-choice questions and answers.

    Cover Art
    Understanding Criminal Procedure - Joshua Dressler and Alan C. Michaels
    Call Number: MU LAW RESERVE KF9619 .D74 2010 v.1
    ISBN: 1422426785
    Investigation. Introduction to criminal procedure ; Overarching policy issues in criminal procedure ; Incorporation of the Bill of Rights ; Fourth Amendment : overview ; Fourth Amendment : "persons, houses, papers, and effects" ; Fourth Amendment terminology : "search" ; Fourth Amendment terminology : "seizure" ; Fourth Amendment : "probable cause" ; Arrests ; Search warrants : in general ; Warrantless searches : exigent circumstances ; Searches incident to lawful arrests ; Searches of cars and containers therein ; "Plain view" and related doctrines ; Inventory searches ; Consent searches ; Terry v. Ohio : the "reasonableness" balancing standard in criminal investigations ; More "reasonableness" balancing : searches and seizures primarily conducted for non-criminal law purposes ; Fourth Amendment : standing ; Fourth Amendment : exclusionary rule ; Interrogation law : overview ; Interrogation law : due process clause ; Interrogation law : privilege against compelled self-incrimination ; Interrogation law : Miranda v. Arizona ; Interrogation law : Sixth Amendment right to counsel ; Eyewitness identification procedures ; Entrapment ; The right to counsel : at trial and on appeal


      Audio Resources

    Cover Art
    Criminal Procedure [sound recording] - Charles H. Whitebread
    Call Number: Reserve Room, Law A/V KF9619 .W5 2005
    ISBN: 0314160922
    On these audio CDs, Professor Whitebread delivers lectures covering numerous topics in criminal procedure. Included are exam tips and hypotheticals to help you master the subject.


      Select MU Law Library Print Materials

    Criminal Procedure - Wayne R. LaFave, Jerold H Israel and Nancy J. King
    Call Number: MU Law KF9619 .C75 2007
    7 volume in-depth analysis of the complete criminal justice process from investigation to post-appeal collateral attacks.

    Practical Criminal Procedure: A Constitutional Manual - Brent E. Newton
    Call Number: MU Law KF9625 .N49 2005
    ISBN: 1556818971
    Written for law students, criminal defense attorneys, and criminal prosecuting attorneys, Practical Criminal Procedure helps legal professionals understand complex criminal legal issues in context and how legal issues commonly arise in real-world litigation. This pragmatic guide by Brent Newton examines the major topics in constitutional criminal procedure and includes a reference to every significant decision of the United States Supreme Court that affects them. This text also addresses many issues of constitutional procedure not yet addressed by the United States Supreme Court that have been given extensive treatment by lower state and federal courts.

    Criminal Procedure : Regulation of Police Investigation : Legal, Historical, Empirical, and Comparative Materials - Christopher Slobogin
    Call Number: MU Law KF9625 .S54 2007
    ISBN: 1422417662
    This resource is the corresponding text to the audio version listed under Audio Resources. It also provides exam tips and hypothetical questions to help you master the subject.

    Constitutional Rights of the Accused - Joseph Cook
    Call Number: MU Law KF9619 .C642
    An analysis of the constitutional rights of individuals accused of crimes by a leading authority in the area of civil rights and constitutional law. Provides commenary on the development of the United States Supreme court's position on such matters as standards of ereaosnableness under the 4th Amendment, the exclusion of evidence, admissibility of confessions, self-representation, and punishment.

    Wharton's Criminal Procedure - Barbara E. Bergman, Nancy Hollander, and Melissa Stephenson.
    Call Number: MU Law KF9619 .W43 2002
    This treatise tracks the development of a systematic body of procedural principles which guide the criminal law. Among other topics, chapter coverage includes: arrest, extradition, preliminary hearing, search and seizure, grand jury, indictment and information, privilege against self-incrimination, immunity, and right to counsel.

    Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment - Wayne R. LaFave
    Call Number: MU Law KF9630 .L26 2004
    ISBN: 0314118136
    Discussion covers the exclusionary rule and other remedies, protected areas and interests, probable cause, and search warrants. This work also addresses search and seizure of persons and personal effects, entry and search of premises, search and seizure of vehicles, and consent searches. Explores stop and frisk and similar lesser intrusions, along with inspections and regulatory searches. Also examines the administration of the exclusionary rule.

      Hat Tip, Thanks, and Kudos!

    Many thanks to law student Branden Gregory, original author of this guide.


    Criminal Law Reporters

    Access to BNA Criminal Law Reporters are limited to MU Law Students only. 


    • Criminal Law
      The Criminal Law Section provides information on relevant Criminal Procedure Cases; Current, Pending, and Proposes Statutes and Regulations; Secondary Sources; Briefs; and Motions, Pleas & Memoranda
    • Criminal Procedure Handbook
      This database analyzes more than 3,700 decisions relating to criminal procedure. Includes all the noteworthy federal and state decisions of the past year. While emphasis is placed on Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment law, also contains in-depth coverage of cases involving pretrial matters, guilty pleas, trials, evidence, sentencing, appeals, post-conviction proceedings, juries, and habeas corpus.


    • Criminal Defense Techniques
      This resource provides coverage of criminal law, from pretrial to appeal. Criminal Defense Techniques includes more than 120 chapters of insight, guidance, and analysis to assist in effectively defending a client.
    • Missouri Criminal Practice (MoBarCLE)
      This deskbook covers criminal practice from arrest through post-conviction remedies. It was written by experienced Missouri lawyers for Missouri lawyers and is loaded with practical advice. It provides an overview of the criminal law in Missouri and helpful practice tips, checklists, and forms to guide attorneys through the practical considerations of criminal cases.

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